Would you let yourself or your children be exposed to DDT, lead and chloroform in a daily basis?  Not likely.  Yet electromagnetic fields, which are also now formally designated as “2B carcinogenic substances” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) are found in every American home!  Finding fields in the home above 2.0 milligauss with our simple to use Gauss meter and avoiding them is trivial, as they diminish rapidly with distance.  Visualize this: all  homes have hotspots that family members sleep and sit on, and moving a few feet would solve the problem.  Failure to measure is the same as exposing your family to high fields!  Act today!

The U.S. EPA says, “There is reason for concern” and advises “prudent avoidance.”  The meter helps you locate, measure, and avoid magnetic radiation, which has been linked to cancer and other health problems in children and adults, such as headaches, cataracts, pain and depression. 

Find the safe distance from your computer monitor.  Find hotspots at home, school or in the office in order to avoid them.  Find the best location for furniture in order to minimize exposure.  Measure fields around appliances (alarm clocks, microwave ovens, televisions, and copying machines).  Measure fields near power lines, transformers and hidden wiring, inside and outside your home, school, and office.

EMF Fields and Real Estate Values:  When buying a home, it is important to check for EMFs.  Homes “sold…for 30% less” when exposed to EMFs, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.  According to a survey done by Indoor Air Review, 26% of homes have areas that register EMF fields exceeding 3 milligauss. 

“…Sweden has concluded that EMFs do lead to higher rates of cancer…I, frankly was quite impressed by the arguments of the Swedes.” – President Bill Clinton
USA Today conducted a survey of 4,567 readers and reported that electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are the
number one environmental concern in America.  “EMFs – always present near power lines and working electrical appliances – are liked to such diseases as leukemia and breast cancer.”

“…Studies on cats, rats, and chick brain cells have shown that low frequency electromagnetic radiation interacts with brain activity and could cause a host of negative symptoms from heightened stress and depression, slowed reaction time, and learning disabilities to miscarriages, fetal deformities, and cancer.”  Business Week

Our users include: The New York Department of Health, The World Health Organization, Arvida Realty, Boston Edison, University of Pennsylvania, parents, homeowners and people who want to avoid high fields.

Most experts agree that it is prudent to limit exposure to less than 2.0 milligauss of ELF EMF. 

The Gauss meter is easy to use.  Simply turn it on and read the field strength.  Owner’s manual includes easy to follow advice and helpful hints for your safety.

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