There is a great opportunity to help people avoid EMF fields, which have been linked with cancer, birth defects, pain, anxiety and depression. In this way, you can help thousands of people. As an EMF Surveyor, you would conduct a quick, informal walk-through of a home or workplace and show your client areas that are reading high in electromagnetic fields (areas that measure greater than 2 milligauss where the meter beeps and lights up). You would advise clients on where to reposition beds and furniture to avoid these fields. Approximately 20% of an average home reads over 2 milligauss. In a family of five people, chances are one out of the five people is sleeping in a high-reading area of over 2 milligauss.

Becoming an EMF Surveyor is a great contribution into the well-being and health of people and families. It is a preventative activity. The US Congress has recommended “prudent avoidance” of electromagnetic fields.

If you like you can charge for your services and be in business for yourself, all that is required is to purchase a meter and start surveying. For more information call our engineer who will give you tips at 1-800-222-3003 and 305-933-2026.